Supply Chain Strategy

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Leverage our expertise to design and execute the right supply chain strategy for your business; including sourcing, contract manufacturing, distribution, logistics & warehousing, and customer service.

Inventory Management


Inventory is the most common place we find potential savings and improved cash flow. Optimizing your inventory investment can transform the financial position of any company.

Manufacturing Services

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From process control & quality management to new product introduction, we specialize in helping turn your manufacturing operation into a lean machine. 


Thanks to Tyler’s work in supply chain analytics and statistical modeling, we reduced our average inventory by 45% and increased our On-Time-Delivery performance by 20% in just 1 year.
Tyler’s knowledge of operations and expertise in process logistics was a huge advantage to our entire office. He put this skillset to work in order to establish, streamline and optimize key operational processes under very tight deadlines. Along with his undeniable talent, working with Tyler has been an absolute joy.